West Valley City has a population of 130,000 in the middle of the Salt Lake Valley's population of 1.2 million. We have the most ethnically diverse populace in all of Utah with numerous cultures and backgrounds represented. The Salt Lake City Metropolitan area is believed to have the highest percentage of bi-lingual and multi-lingual workers in the United States. According to Brigham Young University, 90% of the world’s languages are spoken here and 77% of BYU students speak another language.
With a growth rate of 2.4%, Utah is ranked 6th in the nation for growth. Our workforce is projected to grow twice as fast as the national average over the next 20 years.


Utah is producing more graduates than ever before from its 12 universities and colleges, including three major research universities. The state continues to lead the nation for investment in research and higher education. There are six nationally recognized public and private universities within an hour’s drive of West Valley City, including the University of Utah, which lies just 15 minutes away.

Located just south of West Valley City is the main campus of Salt Lake Community College, which provides accredited junior college education, non-credit courses and workshops to more than 60,000 students. The Utah College of Applied Technology (UCAT) is Utah’s system of technical schools. UCAT serves high school and adult students throughout Utah. UCAT’s Custom Fit partnership, funded in part by the State of Utah, allows companies to offer customized training and development to their employees.  


West Valley City residents hold traditional family and community values close to their hearts. The city’s motto is, “Unity, Pride and Progress.” Unity represents the coming together of many different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds to make a strong community. Pride speaks to our citizens’ civic pride and the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Progress symbolizes the pioneering effort of West Valley’s citizens from the time of its founding to build a great community and continually improve. Unity, pride and progress are three unique values you’ll find in your West Valley City neighbors, colleagues and employees. 

Utah Statistics


#1 Youngest state in the nation- Gallup Healthways


6th in U.S. for population growth


#2 in U.S. for higher education funding