West Valley City Has a Lower Cost of Living

Utah Cultural Celebration CenterGrowing families, young professionals and retirees are heading to West Valley City where it costs less to purchase a home. While lower home prices may be the result of fewer amenities in some places, that is definitely not the case in West Valley City. Our dining, entertainment and recreation options rival the nation’s major cities . . . only everything we offer is more accessible. Plus, our education system is highly ranked. We have one of the largest school districts in the country, a Hometown Scholars program that can pay for college, and world-class universities in our backyard. Our residents enjoy an incredible lifestyle at an affordable price.

Employers Benefit from Our Low Cost of Living

With home prices that are affordable for middle class families, people can live where they work. West Valley City employers do not have to venture far to find a skilled workforce resulting in lower commute times and greater access to top-notch employees. 

How Affordable is West Valley City?

The easiest way to compare the cost of living in West Valley City to where you are currently is by clicking this link and entering your current zip code. For example, in West Valley City it costs 34% less to live here than in Seattle.