Support Local Businesses in West Valley City, Utah, this Small Business Saturday

Support Local Businesses in West Valley City, Utah, this Small Business Saturday Main Photo

21 Nov 2023


Small Business Saturday is an opportunity for West Valley City Economic Optimization & RDA to express gratitude to the small businesses that enrich our West Valley City, Utah community. These local enterprises bring residents joy and play a pivotal role in fortifying the city's economy. November 25 marks Small Business Saturday, a perfect occasion to celebrate and acknowledge these businesses' remarkable contributions.

Small Business Saturday, an annual event established to promote local shopping at small businesses in person and online, presents small companies with a significant opportunity to enhance their sales during the holiday shopping season.

The Significance of Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday encompasses many enterprises, including retail stores, restaurants, salons, grocery stores, and online service-based businesses. The primary objective is to boost revenue for small businesses during the holiday shopping season. In 2022, consumers demonstrated robust support, spending approximately $17.9 billion on Small Business Saturday, as reported by American Express.

One compelling statistic underscores the impact of shopping small. For every dollar spent at a small business in the United States, 68 cents remain in the local community, highlighting the economic stimulus that supporting local businesses can provide.

Participating in Small Business Saturday

As a consumer, the most effective way to support Small Business Saturday is to buy locally and encourage friends and family to do the same. Support can extend to both physical stores and online businesses. Utilizing the #ShopSmall hashtag on social media is a powerful way to promote the event.

Supporting Small Businesses in West Valley City, Utah

Small Business Saturday provides a unique opportunity for shoppers to express their support for local businesses. This event encourages people to shop small during the holidays and throughout the year. Buying locally not only helps small business owners thrive but also contributes to job creation and the overall economic well-being of the community. Small business owners can experience increased revenue during the holiday season by participating in this annual event.

The West Valley City Economic Optimization & RDA team takes pride in the awe-inspiring small businesses and nonprofits that contribute character to our community. We invite community members to join us in shopping small and supporting local nonprofits on these special days and throughout the year.